Present in the largest companies in the industry in which we operate, nodes PH BOMBAS possess proven experience and recognized manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, valves and exhaust.

With unique technology, our designs are original, CUSTOM to meet your needs.

Benefit from our extensive knowledge.

The achieved reliability to our customers is what drives us and causes us to seek continual improvement of our quality.

We highlight below some threads and processes to which our products are inserted:

Fertilizer Industry
We offer products and services to companies that perform the following procedures
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Steel & Metals
Another branch using pumps and centrifugal steadily is the steel and metal.
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Chemical and Chlor-Alkali
More a case of continuous use of pumps in its processes, the chemical industry needs products of PH.
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Pollution control
Control pollution is a job that requires frequent use of pumps.
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Companies Engineering
Engineering companies are some technical partners including our equipment in their projects.
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