It all started in 1977. At that time, the domestic industry relied almost exclusively on imported pumps, which implied the common difficulties of high costs and long lead times, not to mention the lack of spare parts. Like this, We began manufacturing centrifugal pumps in materials thermo-plastic and thermo-fixed, intended for pumping corrosive liquids, abrasive.

Initially, the company provided pumps for industries chemical and chlorine-soda, but soon after, in 1979, now provides for siderúrgicas e metalúrgicas. From 1984, then begins producing pumps for manufacturers of pollution control systems (scrubbers) and chemical waste treatment. In the year 1989, in partnership with Copebrás, We started developing pumps for fertilizer industry.

After ten years of development and aperfeiçoamentosindústria fertilizer (configurations and materials), launched on the market, the line of specialized pumps for fertilizers processes. Since then, this segment has become our main consumer.

Based on the good performance of our pumps, our customers suggested that fabricássemos Diaphragm Valves and Fans / Hood Centrifugal and small process vessels also intended for handling corrosive fluids.


Design, produce and market our products and service quality, giving all our knowledge to current and future customers, contributing to the implementation of its activities, ensuring your satisfaction, seeking innovation and new trends, with respect for human beings and the environment.


Emerge among the main national industries in the sector, with products known for their quality and efficiency, having as motivation the passion for what we do.


Ethics and compliance.

Valuing our employees.