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Abrasive Mechanical Seal x
We present our solution
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A process requires increased flow. As the pressure is?
Due to changes in a pumping process, sometimes you need to resize a centrifugal pump to meet the new conditions.
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height gauge and differential pressure
learn to differentiate. Our academic training on Hydraulic Machines, more specifically with respect to centrifugal pumps, often "forgets" a fundamental aspect of the liquid handling: not everything that is pumped is there ...
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A pump is (same) cavitando?
We often hear references to problems related to the suction line of a centrifugal pump, attributing the cause of these problems to the "famous" cavitation.
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Site Launch and New Visual Identity PH Pumps
And it could not be different!!! It is with great pleasure that we open our news link presenting the launch of our website, and also our new visual identity.
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